Monday, September 17, 2012

The Best Women Hair Color For Hazel Eyes

Hair colors ideas for hazel eyes

If you are looking to update your appearance then there is no better way than changing your hair color. But you need to make sure that the hair color you choose complements your complexion and eye color. For those of you who are blessed with hazel colored eyes, here is a write up on which hair colors to choose.

Hair colors for hazel eyes
The trick in choosing a hair color that will make you look chic and stylish is to select a hair color that complements your eye color as well as your skin tone. If you have hazel eyes, then you are very lucky. Women with hazel colored eyes can carry off most shades in hair color and look stunning in them. But of course, your skin tone will also have a bearing on the hair color shade that would look good on you. Finding a hair color that complements both your skin tone and hazel eyes is tricky. You need to find a hair color that makes your hazel eyes flash and brings out the slight flecks of green or gold in the eyes.
Hair color for fair skin and hazel eyes models
To choose a hair color for hazel eyes, first you need to determine what skin tone you have. If you have yellowish or golden undertones in your skin and you can easily, then you have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if you have a pinkish or bluish pink undertone and you tend to burn rather than tan in the sun, then you have a cool skin tone. Once you have ascertained your skin tone, it would be lot easier to find a hair color that will suit you.
Coloring your hair is the best way to transform your appearance. Pair this with a flattering haircut and you can look instantly stylish and chic. So, choose a hair color that flatters your beautiful hazel eyes.

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